Sunday, May 11, 2008


Is he for real? What do you think? I think for the most part, he is for real. He has NOT spent his entire life in Washington D.C. He is quite intelligent. He thinks like most of us; that we need to find common ground, give those that disagree with us credit where we can, and stop attacking people with whom we differ. Who should get on board, and support Mr. Obama?
This is what I think, and I'll state in advance that some consider this view naive. It's not. I am basing what I think on what I have seen so far from Mr. Obama. If he changes his position, and/or approach, I might as goes...

Are you sick of being screwed by lawyers, and corporate fat cats? Are you tired of being combative in ANY important U.S. issue? Are you afraid to get sick! Our health care system only benefits those who are well..don't get me started! Do you disagree with the premise that the Iraq war is in our (or anyones) interest? Do you want to TRY to build unity as a basic political approach? That is, who isn't tired of the liberal/conservative, rich/poor, red state/blue state, black/white America we have been force feed for the last 20(?) years. You may not agree with all his positions, (when will any two people agree on everything?) but maybe you should consider supporting him. Is this a pipe dream? How in the world does he plan to pull this off if he gets elected? He plans, and is already aggressively building, a popular support base, a grass roots movement. If most of us support his ideas the fat cats loose. He plans to be in full swing this summer.

An intelligent, articulate president. Popular, grass roots support. I think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Blogger Sean said...

i want to hope, Jim, but i am honestly afraid of being disappointed.

so, i'm trying to think, given this is politics and compromise, what is a reasonably cynical hope for an Obama presidency?

intelligence, articulate speech.

i think my biggest issue is re-engagement with the world at large, a disconnect from the Bush Admin's unilateralism.

i want a message shaped by hope and not fear.

i don't want him to pull us out of Iraq immediately, which all professionals agree would be disastrous.

i don't want him to turn back globalization.

bonuses: being an advocate for the poor without damaging the economy, including improving health care access for all; more bi-partisan unity (i doubt this will happen. politics has become attack and riposte and Obama has certainly played that way with Clinton).

i hope you're right, Jim. i hope we're not naive. and i'll cast my vote for it. but i wouldn't (otherwise) bet on it.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Agree with Sean - really hope your right.

On the other hand, it can't get much worse. Unjustified war (Iraq), tanked economy, weak dollar, and pushing 50,000,000 people without healthcare (even if it was 1,000,000, it would be immoral) - Why not change things?

People survived eight years of Clinton (which is nostalgic now), eight years of Bush ( well a lot of soldiers in Iraq didn't) - we can probably survive Obama and may well prosper - who knows.

6:41 AM  
Blogger sameasthem said...

Obama's health care proposal does not go far enough in my mind. It's funny, anytime you suggest a government run, or highly regulated health care system you get the label "socialist" thrown at you. I wonder if we are "socialists" because we have a government run postal system (and as much as we might complain about the post office, it works. You never worry when you drop a letter in the mailbox that it won't most likely make it's destination. We also have a mostly government regulated utility system. In cases like those government run is markets are not always the answer. Case in point, unregulated credit markets (yes the sub prime loan mess were unregulated banking products). Anyhow, I'm rambling.

9:11 PM  

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